Second Hinode Science Meeting
Beyond Discovery — Toward Understanding

29 September- 3 October 2008
Boulder, Colorado USA

Hinode Science Meeting


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VENUE: National Center for Atmospheric Research
3080 Center Green Drive, CG1
Boulder, Colorado 80301


 Welcome, Eric Barron, Director, National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) (Tentative)
 Welcome, Guy Brasseur, Director, Earth & Sun Systems Laboratory (ESSL), NCAR
 Welcome, Michael Knoelker, Director, High Altitude Observatory (HAO), ESSL, NCAR
 T. Shimizu: Hinode Mission Status
SESSION 1 ORAL PRESENTATIONS: Hinode Perspectives on Coronal/Chromospheric Heating
CHAIR: O. Steiner
T1-1P. Judge: "New Perspectives on the Chromosphere/Transition Region"
T1-2B. De Pontieu: "Connecting Spicules and Alfven Waves in the Chromosphere"
T1-3D. Fujimura: "Discovery of Magneto-Hydrodynamic Waves at Solar Photosphere"
T1-4R. Walsh: "Deconstructing AR10961: a multi-instrument examination using Hinode, STEREO, TRACE & SOHO"
CHAIR: J. Trujillo Bueno
T1-5S. Tomczyk: "Alfven Waves in the Corona"
T1-6T. Suzuki: "Alfvenic Energy Supply to the Solar Atmosphere and Wind"
T1-7M. Carlsson: "Dynamic MHD Models of the Chromosphere and Corona"
T1-8R. Kano: "Photospheric Magnetic Activities to Trigger Micro-Flares observed with the Hinode SOT and XRT"
T1-9R. Attie: "Coronal heating from not-so-quiet-Sun explosive events"
T1-10P. Grigis: "XRT observations of quiet Sun nanoflares"
SESSION 2 ORAL PRESENTATIONS: Bringing Modeling and Observations Together
CHAIR: S. Berdyugina
T2-1J. Pietarila Graham: "The Solar Surface Dynamo"
T2-2D. Orozco Suarez: "Simulation and analysis of Hinode spectropolarimetric observations"
T2-3A. Title: "Ponds, Fragments, and the Distribution of the Surface Magnetic Field"
T2-4O. Steiner: "The horizontal internetwork magnetic field: numerical simulations in comparison to observations with Hinode"
T2-5R. Stein: "Supergranulation Solar Convection Simulations"
CHAIR: B. De Pontieu
T2-6F. Moreno Insertis: "X-Ray jets in coronal holes: numerical simulation and Hinode observations."
T2-7J. Martínez-Sykora: "3D Magnetic flux emergence simulations from the convection zone to the corona"
T2-8K. Shibata: "Ubiquitous magnetic reconnection in the solar atmosphere"
T2-9M. DeRosa: "Nonlinear Force-Free Magnetic Field Modeling of the Solar Corona: A Critical Assessment"
T2-10J. Buechner: "From DC current heating to 3D reconnection - the modes of magnetic energy conversion in the chromosphere and corona investigated by means of numerical RMHD simulations based on Hinode observations"
T2-11L. Heggland: "Observational signatures of simulated reconnection events in the solar chromosphere and transition region"
T2-12L. M. Green: "What can soft X-ray sigmoids tell us about flux rope formation and associated eruptions?"
CHAIR: K. Shibata
T3-1J. Chae: "Magnetic Activity on the Sun Revealed by Hinode"
T3-2J. Trujillo Bueno: "Some Suggestions to "See" the Hidden Magnetism of the Solar Atmosphere"
T3-3R. Ishikawa: "Statistical properties of transient horizontal magnetic fields"
T3-4C. E. Fischer: "Analysis of high cadence HINODE SP quiet sun time series"
T3-5J. Okamoto: "Emergence of a Helical Flux Rope and Prominence Formation"
T3-6S. Nagata: "Convective Instability and formation of solar magnetic flux tubes"
CHAIR: S. Gibson
T3-7T. E. Berger: "New Findings About Prominence Dynamics"
T3-8Y. Katsukawa: "Chromospheric Activity at the Smallest Scales Obtained by Hinode"
T3-9M. Shimojo: "The Relationship Between The Magnetic Field And The Coronal Activities In The Polar Region"
T3-10N.-E. Raouafi: "On the relationship between coronal jets and plumes"
T3-11T. Shimizu: "Hinode observation of the vector magnetic fields in a sunspot light bridge accompied by chromospheric plasma ejections"
T3-12Yang Liu: "Solar Polar Field Observed by SOHO/MDI and Hinode"
T3-13D. Pérez-Suárez: "The Structure and Dynamics of a Bright Point as seen with Hinode, SoHO and TRACE"
SESSION 4 ORAL PRESENTATIONS: Perspectives on the Physics of Coronal Loops
CHAIR: S. Antiochos
T4-1J. Klimchuk: "Models of Coronal Loops and Those Annoying Observations"
T4-2I. Ugarte-Urra: "Hinode Coronal Loop Observations"
T4-3P. Antolin: "Predicting observational signatures of coronal heating by Alfvén waves and nanoflares"
T4-4H. Hara: "Coronal Plasma Motions in Active Region Loops Observed with Hinode EIS"
T4-5F. Reale: "XRT Detection of Hot Plasma in Active Regions and Nanoflare Heating"
CHAIR: E. DeLuca
T4-6M. Aschwanden: "Heating and Cooling of Coronal Loops"
T4-7N. Narukage: "The Thermal Structures of Solar Corona Revealed with Hinode/XRT"
T4-8D. R. Williams: "The density stratification in active region cool loops observed at the solar limb"
T4-9T. Sakao: "Evolution of Temperature and Magnetic Structure of the Corona Observed with Hinode XRT"
T4-10D. Tripathi: "Solar Active Region Loops: Hinode/EIS observation"
SESSION 5 ORAL PRESENTATIONS: Past, Present, and Future Collaborative Observational/Theory Programs
CHAIR: J. Klimchuk
T5-1G. Scharmer: "New Capabilities for High Resolution Collaborative Studies with the Swedish Solar Telescope"
T5-2G. Del Zanna: "Multi-instrument campaigns to observe the off-limb corona"
T5-3S. Gibson: "Whole Heliosphere Interval"
T5-4F. Woeger: "Morphology and dynamics of photospheric and chromospheric magnetic fields"
T5-5L. Teriaca: "Results from the Hinode/SUMER Campaign"
SESSION 6 ORAL PRESENTATIONS: Sunspot Structure and Dynamics
CHAIR: Y. Katsukawa
T6-1A. Tritschler: "Sunspot Structure and Dynamics"
T6-2M. Rempel: "MHD simulations of sunspot fine structure"
T6-3M. Kubo: "Magnetic Flux Loss and Flux Transport in a Decaying Active Region"
T6-4K. Reardon: "Spectroscopic Properties of Penumbral Transients"
T6-5K. Ichimoto: "Convective nature of the Evershed Effect Observed by SOT/Hinode"
T6-6L. Bellot Rubio: "Sunspot magnetic fields near the diffraction limit: the Hinode view"
T6-7S. Berdyugina: "3D structure of the sunspot umbra"
T6-8M. Ryutova: "Sunspot Penumbrae: Formation, Evolution and Fine Structures"
CHAIR: B. Fleck
T7-1M. Velli: "The source of the Solar Wind"
T7-2S. Antiochos: "CME Initiation"
T7-3S. Tsuneta: "Polar Magnetic Flux and the High Speed Solar Wind"
T7-4P. R. Young: "Density measurements at the base of the solar wind"
T7-5L. Harra: "Outflows related to flares and CMEs"
T7-6S. Kamio: "Outflows From the Sun"
T7-7A. Bemporad: "An erupting filament and associated CME observed by Hinode, STEREO and SOHO"
SESSION 8 ORAL PRESENTATIONS: Local Helioseismology with Hinode
CHAIR: H. Hudson
T8-1S. Kosovichev: "Recent progress and Future Directions for Helioseismology"
T8-2T. Sekii: "High-resolution Helioseismic Observations"
T8-3K. Nagashima: "Travel-time analyses of an emerging-flux region"
T8-4U. Mitra-Kraev: "Observations of the Sun's Meridional Flow"
T8-5J. Zhao: "Subsurface Structures and Flows in Active Regions and Polar Areas Obtained from Hinode"
CHAIR: T. Sakao
T9-1D. McKenzie: "Solar Flare Physics in the Hinode Era"
T9-2K. Reeves: "DEM Temperature Analysis of Post-Flare Loops Using Hinode's X-Ray Telescope"
T9-3D. Spicer: "Can Reconnection Directly Produce the Requisite Electron Fluxes needed to Explain the Hard X-ray Bursts that Characterize Flares and CMEs?"
T9-4I. Hannah: "Combined RHESSI and Hinode Flare Observations"
T9-5S. Imada: "Non-Gaussian line profiles associated with flows in a large solar flare"
CHAIR: G. Doschek
T9-6T. J. Wang: "Direct observation Of high-speed reconnection outflows with SOHO/SUMER, TRACE and RHESSI"
T9-7A. M. Janse: "Spontaneous Current Sheets: Radically different in 3D fields vs in 2D fields"
T9-8S. Krucker: "Coronal hard X-ray thin target bremsstrahlung emission from flare-accelerated electrons"
T9-9T. Magara: "Hinode's Observational Result on the Saturation of Magnetic Helicity Injected into the Solar Atmosphere and its Relation to the Occurrence of a Solar Flare"


SESSION 1 POSTER PRESENTATIONS: Hinode Perspectives on Coronal/Chromospheric Heating
P1-1T. Aiouaz: "Evidences of Relentless Reconnections at Boundaries of Supergranular Network Lanes"
P1-2S. Farid, S. Saar, and E. E. DeLuca: "Spatial, and Thermal Properties of X-Ray Bright Points"
P1-3K. Ishibashi: "Plasma Temperature of Hot and Diffused Emission in the Quiet Sun Coronae"
P1-4R. Kitai, T. Kawate, Y. Hashimoto, T. Matsumoto, H. Watanabe, K. Otsuji, T. Nakamura, N. Nishizuka, K. Nishida, S. Ueno, S. Nagata, and K. Shibata: "Solar Plages: Chromospheric Heating and Spicular Mass Ejections"
P1-5S. W. McIntosh and B. De Pontieu: "Connecting Dynamic Phenomena with SOHO/SUMER and Hinode/SOT"
P1-6Y. Mimura, T. Yokoyama, and H. Isobe: "Three-Dimensional MHD Simulations of a Damping Oscillation in a Straight Magnetic Tube"
P1-7Z. Ning: "Evidences of the Propagating Waves in a Prominence Observed by HINODE/SOT"
P1-8Saar, S., E. E. DeLuca, and S. Farid: "Full Sun DEMs"
P1-9Y. Suematsu, K. Ichimoto, Y. Katsukawa, S. Tsuneta, T. Shimizu, T. Tarbell, and R. Shine: "Dynamical Nature of Solar Chromospheric Fine Structures Revealed with HINODE/SOT"
P1-10J. Terradas: "Resonant Absorbtion in Complicated Plasma Configurations: Applications to Multi-Stranded Coronal Loop Oscillations"
P1-11H. Tian: "Cool and Hot Components of a Coronal Bright Point"
P1-12T. Van Doorsselaere, V. M. Nakariakov, E. Verwichte, and P. R. Young: "Waves in the Solar Corona: Mode Identification and Using EIS to do Seismological Magnetic Field Measurements"
P1-13T. J. Wang and L. Ofman: "Propagating Slow Acoustic Waves in Coronal Loops Observed by Hinode/EIS"
P1-14M. Weber: "Characterizing the Temperature Discrimination Capability of the X-Ray Telescope"
P1-15A. de Wijn, S. McIntosh, and B. DePontieu: "Interactions between reversed granulation, p-modes, and low-lying loops"
SESSION 2 POSTER PRESENTATIONS: Bringing Modeling and Observations Together
P2-1I. Arregui, J. Terradas, R. Oliver, and J. L Ballester: "Damping of Fast Magnetohydrodynamic Oscillations in Quiescent Filament Threads"
P2-2D. Baker: "Upflows in an Active Region-Coronal Hole Complex: Enigma or CME Precursor?"
P2-3L. Y. Chaouche, S. Solanki, M. Cheung, A. Lagg, and M. Schüssler: "Flux Emergence at the Solar Photosphere"
P2-4M. Cheung, M. Schüssler, T. Tarbell, and A. Title: "Solar Surface Emerging Flux Regions: A Comparative Study of Radiative MHD Modeling and Hinode SOT Observations"
P2-5S. Danilovic: "Investigating the Origin of High Speed Downflows in Solar Magnetic Features"
P2-6I. N. Kitiashvili, L. Jacoutot, A. G. Kosovichev, N. N. Mansour, and A. A. Wray: "Realistic Numerical Modeling of Solar Magnetoconvection and Oscillations"
P2-7J. Leenaarts: "MULTI3D: a 3D NLTE Radiative Transfer Code"
P2-8R. Oliver: "Transverse Oscillations of Flowing Prominence Threads Observed with Hinode: Fast of Alven?"
P2-9A. Ortiz Carbonell: "Polarimetry at the SST: CRISP"
P2-10A. Pietarila, R. Cameron, and S. Solanki: "Expansion of Magnetic Flux Concentrations with Height: A Comparison of Hinode NaD SOT Data and MHD Simulations"
P2-11Th. Straus, B. Fleck, S. M. Jefferies, G. Cauzzi, S. W. McIntosh, K. Reardon, G. Serverino, M. Steffen, and T. D. Tarbell: "On the Role of Acoustic-Gravity Waves in the Energetics of the Solar Atmosphere"
P2-12D. Tripathi, S. E. Gibson, J. Qiu, L. Fletcher, R. Liu, H. Gilber, and H. E. Mason: "Partial Eruption of Prominences: Observations and Comparison with Model Predicted Observables"
P2-13H. Winter and P. Martens: "Simulating Flares in XRT"
P3-1L. A. Balmaceda, V. Domingo, I. Cabello, and J. Palacios: "Observations of Magnetic Elements in the Quiet Sun Internetwork"
P3-2H. Becher: "Inversions of Stokes Profiles"
P3-3C. Chifor, A. C. Sterling, H. E. Mason, R. L. Moore, and P. R. Young: "Evidence for tether-cutting leading to an ejective solar eruption observed by Hinode, TRACE, STEREO, and SoHO/MDI"
P3-4C. E. DeForest and D. A. Lamb: "Does NFI Resolve the Fundamental Scale of Flux Emergence in the Solar Network?"
P3-5G. de Toma, R. Casini, A. G. de Wijn, J. T. Burkepile, B. C. Low, K. S. Balasubramaniam, and T. E. Berger: "Observations of Large-Scale Dynamic Bubbles in Prominences"
P3-6M. K. Georgoulis, V. S. Titov, and Z. Mikic: "Current-Carrying Magnetic Flux Tubes in the Solar Atmopshere: Commonplace or a Rare Occurrence?"
P3-7M. Hagenaar: "Magnetic Flux Emergence on Different Scales"
P3-8H. S. Hudson, M. D. Fivian, and H. J. Zahid: "Implications of RHESSI Measurements of Solar Shape and Faculae"
P3-9Y. Iida, T. Yokoyama, and K. Ichimoto: "The Vector Magnetic and Doppler Velocity Fields at the Cancellation Sites"
P3-10J. Kotoku, T. Shimizu, R. Imada, Y. Katsukawa, R. Kano, S. Tsuneta, T. Sakao, and Hinode team: "Long Time Observation of X-Ray Bright Point with Hinode"
P3-11A. Lagerfjaerd, Å. Nordlund, and R. F. Stein: "Multi-Scale Emerging Flux Simulations"
P3-12B. Lites: "Is Flux Submergence an Essential Aspect of Flux Emergence?"
P3-13D. W. Longcope, C. E. Parnell, and A. L. Haynes: "The Number of Magnetic Null Points in the Quiet Sun Corona"
P3-14S. Martin, O. Panasenco, Y. Agah, O. Engvold, and Y. Lin: "Relating Prominences Observed from Hinode to Known 3-D Structures of Filaments"
P3-15R. Moore: "Jet-Front Speed and the Origin of Jets in Polar Coronal Holes"
P3-16N. Nishizuka, M. Shimizu, T. Nakamura, K. Otsuji, T. J. Okamoto, Y. Katsukawa, and K. Shibata: "Giant Chromospheric Anemone Jet Observed with Hinode and Magnetic Reconnection Model"
P3-17O. Panasenco, M. Velli, and T. Berger: "Plasma Motions in Prominences Observed by HINODE/SOT"
P3-18F. Rincon: "Supergranulation and TFGs Evolution from HINODE Observations"
P3-19C. L. Selhorst, A. Silva-Válio, and J. E. R. Costa: "17 GHz Active Region Model Using Magnetogram Extrapolation"
P3-20F. Snik, C. Fischer, C. Keller, K. Ichimoto, A. de Wijn, and B. Lites: "Observations of Scattering Polarization at High Spatial Resolution"
P3-21A. de Wijn and D. Müller: "On the Relationship Between Magnetic Field and Mesogranulation"
P3-22K. Yoshimura: "X-Ray Bright Points Around Small Emerging Flux Regions"
P3-23B.Schmieder, P.Schwartz, P.Heinzel, F.Farnik, S.Gunar., and L.Golub: “Prominence and its coronal cavity observed by TRACE, HINODE and SOHO.”
SESSION 4 POSTER PRESENTATIONS: Perspectives on the Physics of Coronal Loops
P4-1G. Del Zanna and S. Bradshaw: "Coronal Loops: New Insights from EIS Observations"
P4-2K. Dere: "The Plasma Filling Factor of Coronal Bright Points"
P4-3L. Golub, A. Engell, A. A. van Ballegooijen, K. E. Korreck, and K. K. Reeves: "Modeling the Twisted Coronal Loops in AR 10938"
P4-4Y. Kato, T. Magara, and T. Shimizu: "Radiation Transfer Analysis on Heating Mechanism of Magnetohydrodynamic Emerging Magnetic Flux Tubes"
P4-5Y-K. Ko, G. A. Doschek, and H. P. Warren: "Ultra-Hot Plasma in Active Regions Observed by the Extreme-Ultraviolet Imaging Spectrometer on Hinode"
P4-6J-Y. Lee, K. K. Reeves, K. E. Korreck, L. Golub, K. D. Leka, and G. Barnes: "Evolution of Magnetic Properties for Two Active Regions Observed by Hinode/XRT and TRACE"
P4-7J. T. Mariska: "Doppler Shift Oscillations Observed with the EUV Imaging Spectrometer on Hinode"
P4-8S. Patsourakos: "Hot Spectral Emissions in Quiescent Active Regions and Nanoflare Heating"
P4-9S. Patsourakos and J. A. Klimchuk: "EIS Observations of Hot Emissions in Quiescient Active Regions and Nanoflare Heating"
P4-10Raouafi: Evolution of a coronal twisted flux rope: filament fine structure"
P4-11M. Ryutova: "Formation and Dynamics of Multi-Thread Arcades of Coronal Loops"
P4-12A. Sarkar and R. W. Walsh: "Coronal Loops as Multi-Stranded, Impulsively-Heated Magnetic Elements: Observational Signatures and Consequences for Hinode, STEREO, and SDO"
P4-13J. T. Schmelz: "Coronal Loop Temperatures Obtained with Hinode XRT: A Toothpaste-Tube Analogy"
P4-14P. Testa, F. Reale, and E. DeLuca: "Investigating Hot Temperature Emission from Non-Flaring Active Regions"
P4-15R. W. Walsh and M. Marsh: "Towards 3D Coronal Seismology- Multi-Vantage Point Observations of Slow Magnetoacoustic Waves"
P4-16H. Warren, I. Ugarte-Urra, and A. Degiorgi: "The Temperature Structure of Active Region Loops"
SESSION 5 POSTER PRESENTATIONS: Past, Present, and Future Collaborative Observational/Theory Programs
P5-1R. Centeno: "Hinode's SP and Gband Co-Alignment"
P5-2C. E. DeForest, L. Rachmeler, and C. C. Kankelborg: "Fluxon Modeling of Solar Eruptive Events"
P5-3F. Farnik: "The Soft X-Ray Spectrophotometer SphinX for the CORONAS-Photon Mission"
P5-4A. Lagg, R. Ishikawa, L. Merenda, T. Wiegelmann, S. Tsuneta, and S. K. Solanki: "Internetwork Horizontal Magnetic Fields in the Quiet Sun Chromosphere: Results from a Joint Hinode/VTT Study"
P5-5K. Reardon, T. Rimmele, A. Tritschler, G. Cauzzi, F. Woeger, H. Uitenbroek, T. Tsuneta, and T. Berger: "Open Access to Targeted Ground-Based Observations for Hinode Collaborations"
P5-6D. Schmit, S. Gibson, S. McIntosh, T. Kucera, D. Brooks, A. Sterling, and D. Tripathi: "Prominence Cavities in EIS"
P5-7H. Tonooka, M. Shimojo, N. Tokimasa, K. Yaji, and PAONET Working Group for Public Use of Hinode Data: "Hinode DVD for Public Outreach"
P5-8N. Yamamoto, T. Watanabe, H. A. Sakaue, N. Nakamura, E. Watanabe, N. Tamura, K. Sato, H. Funaba, C. Suzuki, I. Murakami, D. Kato, and T. Kato: "Evaluation of Density Sensitive Line Intensity Ratios on Fe X-XIII with Measured Spectra by HINODE, LHD, and Compact-EBIT"
SESSION 6 POSTER PRESENTATIONS: Sunspot Structure and Dynamics
P6-1J. M. Borrero: "Are There Field-Free Gaps Near Tau=1 in Sunspot Penumbrae?"
P6-2M. Kubo: Evolution of Vector Magnetic Fields of Dark-Cored Penumbral Filaments"
P6-3K. D. Leka, A. Crouch, and G. Barnes: "Minimum Energy Method for Resolving the Azimuthal Ambiguity in Hinode/SOT Vector Magnetogram Data"
P6-4M. Franz and R. Schlichenmaier: "Spectral Analysis of Sunspot Penumbrae Observed with HINODE"
P6-5M. Ryutova: "Response of Chromosphere to Penumbral Dynamics: Bow Shocks"
P6-6J-I. Sakai and P. Smith: "Two-Fluid Simulations of Coalescing Penumbra Filaments Driven by Neutral Hydrogen Flows"
P6-7R. Schlichenmaier: "The Small-Scale Net Circular Polarization in Sunspot Penumbrae"
P6-8H. Watanabe, R. Kitai, K. Ichimoto, and Y. Katsukawa: "Magnetic Structure of Umbral Dots with SOT SP"
P7-1L. Abbo, A. Gabriel, L. Harra: "Coronal Hole Study Through the Solar Atmosphere: From the Chromosphere Up to Coronal Layers"
P7-2D. Banerjee, D. Pérez-Suárez, and J.G. Doyle: "Plumes and Inter-Plumes as Seen From EIS/HINODE"
P7-3L. Bone: "Interaction and Eruption of Active Region and Quiescent Filaments in Association With the Flare and CME of 19th May, 2007"
P7-4A. Davey, J. Cirtain, and E. Robrecht: "Observations of an XRT Jet Driving a Filament Eruption"
P7-5K. E. Korreck and G. Stenborg: "Flows from Flaring Active Regions Observed with Hinode, XRT and STEREO"
P7-6S. W. McIntosh: "The Inconvenient Truth About Coronal Dimmings"
P7-7K. Shibasaki: "A Driving Mechanism of Temperature Dependent Plasma Up-Flows in the Solar Corona"
P7-8A. C. Sterling, L. K. Harra, and R. M. Moore: "CME-Producing Precursors to the 2006 December 13 X-Flare"
SESSION 8 POSTER PRESENTATIONS: Local Helioseismology with Hinode
P8-1D. Georgobiani, J. Zhao, A. Kosovichev, D. Benson, R. Stein, and A. Nordlund: "Applying Helioseismic Techniques to Realistic Simulations of Solar Convection"
P9-1R. Bhattacharyya, B. C. Low, and P. Smolarkiewicz: "Magnetic Relaxation in an Imcompressible Viscous Fluid"
P9-2S. Christe, S. Krucker, and H. Hudson: "The Microflare Height Distribution from RHESSI"
P9-3L. Culhane: "The Unusual Thermal Flare of 19 May 2007: Evidence for Direct Heating in the Corona?"
P9-4E. P. Kontar and I. G. Hannah: "Regularized Inversion Techniques for the Analysis of XRT Differential Emission Measures"
P9-5S. Masuda: "Construction of Hinode/XRT Flare Catalogue"
P9-6J. McCaughey, I. Hannah, K. Reeves, P. Grigis, and E. DeLuca: "The Neupert Effect in Microflares with Hinode/XRT and RHESSI"
P9-7R. Milligan: "A High-Temperature Microflare Observed with RHESSI and Hinode"
P9-8R. Milligan: "Velocity Characteristics of Evaporating Plasma Using Hinode/EIS"
P9-9S. Savage and D. E. McKenzie: "Detecting and Measuring Reconnection Outflows in the Hinode Era"
P9-10Y. Su, A. van Ballegooijen, B. W. Lites, E. E. DeLuca, L. Golub, P. Grigis, G. Huang, and H. Ji: "Observations and NLFFF Modeling of Active Region 10953"
P9-11R. Turkmani, J. Brown, and E. Kontar: "Local Reacceleration of Electrons By Current Sheet Cascade in the Dense Chromosphere"
P9-12A. Wallace, L. Harra, A. Sterling, and S. Kamio: "The Life-Cycle of a Small Flare - How a Small Loop Can Cause Large-Scale Disruption"
P9-13T. Watanabe, H. Hara, A. C. Sterling, and L. K. Harra: "Production of high-temperature plasmas at the initial phase of a C9.7 flare"
P9-14T. Yokoyama and H. Isobe: "Temporal Evolution of a Current Sheet with Initial Finite Perturbations By Three-Dimensional MHD Simulations"