Second Hinode Science Meeting
Beyond Discovery — Toward Understanding

29 September- 3 October 2008
Boulder, Colorado USA

Hinode Science Meeting


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Instructions for Preparation of Manuscripts,
Second Hinode Science Meeting

Like the First Hinode Science Meeting, the Proceedings of the Second Hinode Science Meeting will be published by the Astronomical Society of the Pacific Conference Series. Editors will be M. Cheung, B. Lites, T. Magara, J. Mariska, and K. Reeves.

The guidelines for submitting your publication are given in the following.

  1. Copyright and Permissions. If you did not sign a copyright form at the meeting, you must sign a copyright form and return it to the editor (Bruce Lites, HAO/NCAR, PO Box 3000, Boulder, CO 80307-3000, USA). Permission must be secured by the authors for publication of figures, etc that have previously appeared in print elsewhere. Please go to to download a sample permission request letter.
  2. Information for Authors: The following website gives general information about publication in the conference series:
  3. Downloads: From the following website: you may download all the necessary files as a zip-file (, or individual files for author instructions (aspauthor2006.pdf), the LaTeX template (asptemplate.tex), and macro (asp2006.sty).
  4. Page Limits: Because of the large number of participants at the meeting, the page limits for the following presentations must be followed. These are similar to the page limits for the First Hinode Science Meeting, except that all contributed presentations, both oral and poster, will have a 4-page limit. The page limits are also kept small to ease the burden on authors for preparation of extensive manuscripts for the meeting, and in order that we may publish the proceedings quickly.

    Keynote talk: 8 pages
    Invited oral talk:6 pages
    Contributed oral talk:4 pages
    Poster presentation:4 pages

  5. Deadline: Please submit manuscripts by 1 December 2008
  6. Reference Convention: Please use the ApJ reference style for your references. See for detailed instructions on this reference style. Please use the standard bibliography referencing environment ("thebibliography") in order to allow us to combine all papers together in one manuscript.
  7. Avoid space management tools such as \vspace
  8. Avoid using author-specified definitions or custom LaTeX packages
  9. Figures:
    • All figures should be in encapsulated postscript (.eps).
    • Color figures are permissible, but the additional cost of printing the color figures will be charged to the authors. The charges are $500.00 per page containing a color figure. Color figure charges will need to be paid at the time of submitting your manuscript. Color figures should be submitted in CMYK color mode (NOT RGB) in order to preserve the best representation of color shading.
    • Please use only the commands \plotone, \plottwo, or \plotfiddle to dislay figures
  10. Submitting Instructions: The NCAR computer security regulations prohibit us from using any sort of incoming ftp. In order to accept the proceedings files, we have set up a GMAIL account to which you may email your presentation files as attachments. In order to allow us to easily determine the first author of your paper, please adhere to the file naming convention given below:

    • Use the following naming convention for your manuscript files:
      LaTeX file: firstauthorsurname.tex
      Figure Files: firstauthorsurname_fig1.eps
      (optional) Instructions to editors: firstauthorsurname.readme
    • Email your files to the following account:
  11. Questions? Contact Bruce Lites (