Second Hinode Science Meeting
Beyond Discovery — Toward Understanding

29 September- 3 October 2008
Boulder, Colorado USA

Hinode Science Meeting


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First Announcement

Meeting Objectives:

The Second Hinode Science Meeting will be held at the National Center for Atmospheric Research, Boulder, Colorado USA during 29 September - 3 October 2008. This meeting is intended to build upon the highly successful first meeting in Dublin in August 2007, which provided a showcase for many of the initial results of the Hinode mission. The Second Meeting will occur two years into the mission, and will highlight more comprehensive analyses of the Hinode observations, as well as observational programs coordinated among the Hinode instruments and other ground- and space-based observatories.

Participation in this meeting is encouraged from all who have interest in science topics related to Hinode science regardless of direct involvement with Hinode data. Especially important to the success of the meeting, and to the Hinode mission, is the integration of theory and numerical simulations with the dramatic new observational results from Hinode. The organizers of the meeting therefore invite participation from the broader solar physics community, and also from other disciplines that have direct relevance to solar physics.


The meeting will be held at the Center Green facility of the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research - the parent organization of the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR). The Center Green site has new meeting facilities that regularly host meetings of the size of the Hinode Science Meeting, or larger. It is also the home of the High Altitude Observatory division of NCAR.

Scientific Program:

The Scientific Organizing Committee (SOC) of the Second Hinode Science Meeting is now preparing the program. There will be invited talks, and contributed oral and poster presentations. Registrants should specify if they prefer a poster or contributed oral presentation. The SOC will determine those contributed presentations to be given orally. There will be no limit on the number of poster presentations.

The session titles are as follows:
  1. Bringing Modeling and Observations Together
  2. Past, Present, and Future Collaborative Observational/Theory Programs
  3. Sunspot Structure and Dynamics
  4. Hinode Perspectives on Coronal/Chromospheric Heating
  5. Flare Physics
  6. Source of the Solar Wind/CME
  7. Solar Magnetic Activity
  8. Local Helioseismology with Hinode
  9. New Perspectives on the Physics of Coronal Loops

Participants may register on-line begining March 10 at:

Information on transportation to Boulder is found at:

Accommodation arrangements will be made available at:


The meeting will begin with welcome reception on Monday 29 September and will end at noon on 3 October. There will be a meeting of the Hinode Science Working Group all day Monday, 29 September at the UCAR Center Green facility. The agenda for the meeting will be updated regularly at:

VISAS for Travel to the USA:

Foreign visitors to the USA must either be citizens of a country participating in the Visa Waver Program ( or must obtain a visa for entry to the USA. If you need to acquire a visa, plan to apply for your visa at least 3-4 months before beginning travel to the meeting.