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Global Mean

A global mean model was developed in parallel with the NCAR TIE-GCM and TIME-GCM [Roble et al., 1987; Roble, 1995]. This model, which can be considered a single-column version of the TIME-GCM, was used as a one-dimensional development and test platform for constructing aeronomic numerical schemes prior to introduction into the 3D general circulation models. It has also been used for studies of global change in the thermosphere and ionosphere [e.g., Roble and Dickinson, 1989; Qian et al., 2006, 2008]. Although the code for this model still exists, it is no longer supported as a functioning algorithm, because it has not been updated to include improvements and bug fixes to the 3D models. With multi-processor desktop computers commonplace, any user can efficiently run 3D models, so there is less need for a 1D development model. Users interested in experimenting with the heritage global mean code, and who aware of its limitations and problems, may contact Stan Solomon or Liying Qian at the NCAR High Altitude Observatory.