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Last modified: Wednesday, 09-Feb-2011 16:24:56 MST

Thermospheric General Circulation Models (TGCM)

TGCMPROC-like master scripts

Polar Stereographic Plots

master script: polar_master.ncl

This script contours selected fields over a polar stereographic map projection at selected Zp pressure levels. User settable options include color, curly-vector overlay, and postscript file output.
1) user choice: black and white

     comment out colormap
     ; colormap = "BlWhRe"
(geographic coordinates)
2) user choice: color

     colormap = "BlAqGrYeOrRevi200" 
(magnetic coordinates)
3) user choice: color + vectors

     addvec   = True 
     colormap = "BlAqGrYeOrRevi200" 
(geographic coordinates)
4) user choice: color + manually select contour intervals

     colormap = "BlWhRe" 
     manlev   =  True
     minlev   = -300
     maxlev   =  300
     int      =  40
(geographic coordinates)
5) user choice: density unit conversion

     density_units = "CM3"
(geographic coordinates)
6) user choice: interpolate to height

     height = "150"
(geographic coordinates)
Other projections: Cylindrical Equidistant