This tutorial addresses the generation of Quicktime and MPEG animation files, common formats used in publishing on the World Wide Web (WWW).

Though Quicktime was originally designed for the Macintosh, it has become a standard for the World Wide Web. Players for various machines are available from In addition Quicktime files can easily be converted to MPEG files using the Macintosh Sparkle application, as discussed below.

Two basic methods for generating Quicktime and MPEG movies are presented. The first method involves the use of the Macintosh and software specific to the Macintosh. The second method will use only Unix applications. This method is limited to creating MPEG movies. Both of these methods will use Sun rasterfiles as the input. Sun rasterfiles are easily generated with IDL or by converting an NCAR metacode file to a Sun rasterfile. A third method will soon be added that covers the PC architectures (e.g. Windows and DOS-based machines).

Method 1

Necessary Macintosh applications (click to download the application)

Method 2

--Revised 31 January 1996

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