The November 1993 Geomagnetic Storm Event


This document contains a number of visualizations pertaining to a major ionospheric storm event that occurred in November 1993. We present YOHKOH Soft X-ray data that shows possible solar influence in the event that was observed and subsequently modeled using the AMIE procedure. The procedure is used to generate a series of animations showing correlations between the observations and the computed parameters. This page also contains a list of related URLs.

The storm event timeline contains details on the IMF, satellite location, Magnetosphere, inner plasmasphere and the ionosphere during the storm period.

The Solar Influence - YOHKOH Soft X-ray Observations

Soft X-ray data from the YOHKOH SXT were used to generate an animation (722Kb Mpeg, 3.4Mb Quicktime) covering the period October 29 through November 1, 1993. A potential CME source can be noted near the end of the animation sequence if you closely follow the bright regions in the lower left portion of the animation window. The bright vertical feature at the end of the animation is due to sensor saturation.

Inter-hemispheric Comparison

Electric potential patterns for the northern and southern hemispheres are displayed side-by-side.

Electric Potential Patterns (Magnetometers Only)

Electric potential patterns inferred by the AMIE procedure for the northern hemisphere, day 2 through day 11.

Ionospheric Observations with Computed Parameters

The temporal and spatial evolution of observational data when combined with AMIE's computed parameters offer a method to distiguish anomalous data from valid data and to track the procedure's interpretation of these data. The animation sequences below show the correlation between the
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4 panel animations

2 panel animations, Nov. 3rd, 1700-Nov. 4, 1200 UT

2 panel animations, Nov. 3rd, 0000-Nov. 5, 0000 UT

Traveling Convection Vortices

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