DOCFM Publications

  • QSL Squasher: A fast quasiseparatrix layer map calculator Tassev and Savcheva, ApJ accepted, 2017
  • FORWARD: A toolset for multiwavelength coronal magnetometry Gibson et al., Frontiers in Space Science, 2016
  • ROAM: a Radial-basis-function Optimization Approximation Method for diagnosing the three-dimensional coronal magnetic field Dalmasse et al., Frontiers in Space Sciences, 2016
  • Diagnostics of Coronal Magnetic Fields Through the Hanle Effect in UV and IR Lines Raouafi et al., Frontiers in Space Sciences, 2016
  • Evidence for a magnetic flux rope in observations of a solar prominence-cavity system Jibben et al., Frontiers in Space Sciences, 2016
  • Scientific objectives and capabilities of the Coronal Solar Magnetism Observatory Tomczyk et al., JGR, 2016
  • Modeling the Initiation of the 2006 December 13 Coronal Mass Ejection in AR 10930: The Structure and Dynamics of the Erupting Flux Rope, Fan, ApJ, 2016
  • Solar coronal jets: observations, theory, and modeling Raouafi et al. (incl. K. Dalmasse and A. Savcheva), Space Sci. Rev., 2016
  • The origin of net electric currents in solar active regions Dalmasse et al., ApJ, 2015
  • Testing magnetic helicity conservation in a solar-like active event Pariat et al. (incl. K. Dalmasse), A&A, 2015
  • Data-model comparison using FORWARD and CoMP Gibson, Proc. IAUS 305, 2015

    DOCFM Reports

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