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The Advanced Fiber-Optic Echelle (AFOE) is a spectrograph used for measuring precise stellar radial velocities. Projects include asteroseismology, cepheid pulsations, delta-scuti seismology and extrasolar planet detection
Vulcan Camera Project
The Vulcan Camera Project, like the STARE Project, searches for giant extrasolar planets using a small-aperture telescope to perform photometry on a wide field of the sky. The project PI, Dr. Bill Borucki, is also a STARE collaborator.
Kepler Mission
A special purpose space mission that has been proposed to NASA Headquarters as a "faster-better-cheaper" method for detecting extrasolar Earth-size habitable planets, using photometry to look for transits. Update: Kepler has been selected by NASA as one of its new Discovery missions and is scheduled for launch in 2006. STARE Project PI, Dr. Tim Brown, is one of the Science Working Group members.
The Arizona Search for Planets (ASP) uses photometry to look for transits of extrasolar planets.
The All Sky Automated Survey (ASAS) is a project in which the final goal is photometric monitoring of approx. 10^7 stars brighter than 14 magnitude all over the sky.
The Extrasolar Planets Encyclopaedia
Contains much of the latest information about the search for extrasolar planets, including methods, lists, and a bibliography.
University of California Planet Search Project
Contains the latest news and discoveries by this prolific radial-velocity planetary search team.
PSIgate - Physical Sciences Information Gateway
Informative resource offering access to many high-quality, up-to-date websites in astronomy, chemistry, earth sciences, materials sciences, and physics. You can access their search engine here:
Lynette Cook's Extrasolar Planet Art
Lynette Cook, a talented artist out of San Francisco, produces artwork depicting a number of the recently discovered planetary systems.