Model Source Code

The source code is in the src/ subdirectory of the model root directory (modeldir), which is provided in the model download file.

The Academic License Agreement

The TIEGCM Open Source Academic Research License Agreement specifies the terms and restrictions under which the NCAR/UCAR grants permission to use the model, including the source code, for research, academic, and non-profit purposes.

Source Code Flow Diagram

A detailed flow diagram and calling tree of the source code structure is available in single and multi-page pdf files:


Some details of these flow charts are out of date with respect to TIEGCM version 2.0

Modifying the Source Code

As a community user, student, research scientist or developer, you may need to modify the model source code. It is best to do this after building and at least making a default execution of the model (see the QuickStart Section). To change one or more source files, simply go to the src/ subdirectory in the model root directory modeldir, and edit the files as necessary. Then return to the working directory workdir and re-execute the job script. It will recompile the modified files, and any other source files that depend on the modified files, and re-execute the model. Alternatively, you can enter the execution directory execdir, and recompile the code by typing “gmake” on the command line, then return to the working directory and re-execute the job script.

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