Release Notes

New validated features in the public release

  • Weimer 2005 electric potential model, optionally with IMF data.
  • Dynamic critical cross-over latitudes for transition between dynamo and empirical models at high-latitude.
  • For a more detailed description of the use of the Weimer 2005 model in the TIEGCM, and the dynamic cross-over latitudes, please see Notes on Weimer05 in TIEGCM.
  • New diagnostics module (diags.F). 22 “sanctioned” diagnostic fields are available, and can be saved on secondary histories (see diags.table in doc directory).
  • HPSS archive script can be saved by the model, to be executed after a run to save history files to the NCAR HPSS with “contents” annotations.

New Build System (scripts/ directory)

  • Make.machine files containing platform and machine-specific compiler and link options, library locations, etc. are available in scripts directory.
  • New simplified Makefile without platform-dependent conditionals.
  • Support for Intel ifort/mpif90 compiler on 64-bit HAO Linux systems (Intel-built code is significantly faster than PGI-built code on systems with Intel hardware)
  • Write svnversion to history files.

Utilities (scripts/ directory)

  • tgcm_contents: Print “contents” (annotations) of history files
  • tgcm_ncdump: Print ncdump of history files, with data for scalars and 1d vectors
  • tgcm_put: Archive history files on the NCAR HPSS storage system
  • mknamelist: Make a namelist input file
  • mkjob: Make a job script

Validation and Benchmark Runs (tests/ directory)

  • Namelist input files and job scripts for benchmark runs are available in the tests/ directory.
  • Seasonal steady-state source histories are provided for both equinoxes and solstices, at solar minimum and solar maximum conditions.
  • The following benchmark runs were made with tiegcm v1.94:
    • Control: 5-day Control Runs are made, starting from the steady-state seasonal source histories.
    • Climatology: Full-year Climatology with constant solar forcing.
    • Dec2006: December, 2006 “AGU” storm case.
    • Nov2003: November 19-24 (days 323-328), 2003 storm case.
    • Whi2008: Whole Heliosphere Interval (WHI), March 21 to April 16, 2008.
  • For more detailed information and access to the history files and post-processing, please see Benchmark/test runs.

Changes to namelist inputs

  • Weimer potential model with IMF data from IMF_NCFILE, and F10.7 data from GPI_NCFILE.
  • HPSS_PATH specifies destination path to the NCAR HPSS, for history file archive script. (All references to the old NCAR MSS have been removed)
  • Time-dependent namelist option for F107a and F107d
  • The following namelist parameters are deprecated: SAVE, SECSAVE, DISPOSE

Changes in the documentation directory doc/

  • All new User’s Guide (pdf, html) is now provided in the doc directory.
  • Model Description (pdf) also provided in the doc directory.
  • Information and instructions for downloading and executing a default run with the current version.
  • Release_Notes: Release notes for the current version.

Bug Fixes

  • Change nmlon to nlonp1 where defining dynpot, line 292 of magfield.F
  • Change op(k,i) to nop(k,i) in calculation of ion chemistry heating (qic). Line 119 of qjion.F


  • Changed units of f107d, f107a, ctpoten, and hpower on the histories.
  • Divide by avogadro’s number instead of multiplying by 1.66e-24 in sub calczg (addiag.F).