"Cheat-Sheet" for the hsi interface to the NCAR High Performance Storage System (HPSS)

CISL docs: 	http://www2.cisl.ucar.edu/docs/hpss
Vender docs:	http://www.mgleicher.us/index.html/

 o /home/user is the user's home directory on the hpss (e.g., /home/bozo)
 o These are "single" hsi commands, typed from a unix (hao) prompt (many of them work from an hsi session w/o backslash)
 o All get and put commands in both directions use "local : remote" syntax (local or remote may default to /home/user)
 o If these commands are put in a csh script, special characters (like quotes) have to be escaped w/ a backslash.
 o Many commands will provide a brief usage message if typed without arguments (e.g., "hsi mkdir).

Command						Description
hsi -help					Get hsi usage message with command summaries
hsi ls -l					Long Listing of /home/user
hsi ls -lR /home/user/dir1			Recursive long listing of directory dir1
hsi ls -lA /home/user/dir1/\*.nc		Long listing of netcdf files in dir1, with annotations

hsi mkdir -p myproj/mydata			Make empty directory myproj/mydata on hpss (/home/user assumed)
hsi "cd myproj/mydata; put *.nc"		Put all local *.nc files on hpss in pre-existing dir myproj/mydata
hsi "cd myproj/mydata; get *.nc"		Get all *.nc files in hpss dir myproj/mydata to the local disk

hsi put file.nc					Put local file file.nc on hpss /home/user
hsi put \*.nc					Put all local *.nc files on hpss /home/user
hsi put local.nc : /home/user/file.nc 		Put file local.nc on hpss with rename to file.nc
hsi put -P local.nc : dir/file.nc		Put file local.nc in hpss /home/user/dir (make dir if necesscary)

hsi get file.nc					Get hpss /home/user/file.nc to local disk with same name
hsi get \*.nc					Get all *.nc files in /home/user to local disk
hsi get dir/\*.nc				Get all *.nc files in /home/user/dir to local disk
hsi get local.nc : dir/file.nc			Get hpss dir/file.nc to local disk as local.nc (/home/user assumed)

hsi rm myproj/mydata/\*.nc			Remove all *.nc files from a directory (directory will remain)
hsi rm -R myproj/mydata				Remove a directory and all its contents (dir myproj will remain)

hsi annotate -A \"string\" file.nc		Add an annotation to file.nc
hsi -lA file.nc					Long listing of file.nc, with annotation