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/contrib/bin/nctimecat.scp v1,v2,...,vN


The netCDF NCTIMECAT utility extracts a list of pre-defined variables from a group of netCDF files, and concatenate them along the time dimension into one file.


v1,v2,...vN list of variables to extract. There is no limit to the number of variables.


nctimecat.scp TN,UN,VN or TN,UN, etc.

will extract the 3 listed variables and put them in nctimecat.nc.

Special Requirements:

The utility determines which files to act on by looking for a ".nc"extension. This requirement serves to separate out files. Since netCDF files do not require this extension, it may have to be added by the user. The utility will process ALL files with the ".nc" extension in a directory.

Because ncrcat is used to concatenate the files, the variables in the input files must have an unlimited record dimension (e.g. time).

Annoying Warning Message:

Because this utility does not like to read a 2-d variables in which one of the dimension names is the same as the variable name (e.g., mtime), it issues an error message for each time record when mtime is a requested variable. This message can be ignored:

ncrcat: WARNING Record coordinate "time" does not monotonically decrease between (input file LIUH.EQRAGW.scntr15.nc record indices: 7, 8) (output file timecat.nc record indices 17, 18) record coordinate values 96.000000, 8880.000000