GSWM Sample Output: April Temperature Diurnal Tide

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Apr Temp Diurnal:Alt v. Lat
Animation cycles three times (three solar days). [ESC] to stop, Reload to replay.

Contour plot of the temperature perturbation field of the diurnal tide in April as a function of altitude, latitude, and local time. Dashed lines and blue colors indicate perturbations in degrees K (C) below the background temperature field. This cross section is independent of longitude. The phase velocity is downward, though the tide propagates upward.

Note the peak over the equator between 100-110km and the symmetry across the equator. The phase of the tide is the same across the equator.

Compare this structure with the higher, stronger semidiurnal temperature tide.

This is the same field that is plotted on the globe at 111 km at the top of the GSWM home page.