The CEDAR Data Base at NCAR contains indices, empirical models, model outputs, and data. Accounts on the CEDAR computer are available. To obtain access to the the database fill out this form and submit the application for consideration.

Complete the information requested below and click the "Submit Form" button at the bottom of the form.

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  • What data sets, models, or indices have you used from the Data Base?

  • What data sets, models, or Indices would you like to use (including those not currently availiable)?

  • If you are a student / programmer, who is your advisor / supervisor?

    I have read the Rules of the Road and agree to the provisions therein.

  • Users will:

    1. Fill out this access form and update it annually.

    2. Only share data obtained from the Data Base with persons having a current access form on file with the Data Base.

    3. Contact the organization(s) that contributed the data early on to discuss the intended usage and, later to offer coauthorship on publications and reports.

    4. Acknowledge the Data Base and the organizations that contributed data in all reports and publications, according to the format provided by the Data Base.

    5. Send copies of all reports/publications making use of the data to the Data Base.

  • Refer to Section IV in the NCAR CEDAR Data Base catalogue for further information.

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