HAO Eclipse Expeditions

1952 Khartoum, Sudan In collaboration with the Naval Research Laboratory
1963 Sourdough, Alaska
1965 Bellingshausen Island, the South Pacific
1966 Pulacayo, Bolivia
1970 San Carlos Youtepec, Mexico
1972 Cap Chat, Canada
1973 Loiengalani, Kenya
1980 Palem, India In collaboration with Southwestern at Memphis College,Tennessee
1981 Tarma, Siberia, USSR In collaboration with the Astronomical Council of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, Moscow
1983 Tanjung Kodok, Indonesia
1988 Mindanao, Phillipines
1991 Mauna Loa, Hawaii In collaboration with Rhodes College, Tennessee
1994 Putre, Chile
1998 Curacao, Dutch Antilles

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