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Piyali Chatterjee, HAO (1/8/13) Occurrences of fast and possibly cannibalistic coronal mass ejections: insights from flux rope simulations [abstract] [recording]


Greg Kopp, LASP (12/18/13) Solar Irradiances - Continued with a New Mission [abstract] [recording]
Steve Balbus, Oxford University (12/4/13) Rotation and Convection in the Sun [abstract] [recording]
Steven R. Cranmer, Harvard-Smithsonian CfA (11/20/13) Turbulent Origins of Solar and Stellar Winds [abstract] [recording (partial; missing first 10 minutes)]
Joseph Plowman, HAO/Montana State University (11/13/13) Temperature Reconstruction of Coronal Data [abstract] [recording]
Tibor Torok, Predictive Science, Inc. (11/06/13) Modeling Solar Eruptions: Where Do We stand? [abstract] [recording]
Thiago Brito, University of Colorado/LASP (10/30/13) Precipitation and energization of relativistic radiation belt electrons induced by ULF oscillations in the magnetosphere. [abstract] [recording]
Michael Hahn, Columbia University (10/23/13) Alfven Wave Heating and Ion Temperature Anisotropy in the Solar Corona [abstract] [recording]
Peter Damiano, PPPL (10/16/13) Kinetic simulations of electron acceleration in Alfvenic Aurora [abstract] [recording]
Friedrich Woger, NSO (10/09/13) Integrating the Visible Broadband Imager into the Advanced Technology Solar Telescope infrastructure
Alan Kiplinger, University of Colorado (10/02/13) Very High Energy Solar Particles and the Kiplinger Effect [abstract] [recording]
Tim Bastian, NRAO (9/25/13) Fast Radio Imaging Spectroscopy of the Sun - Recent Examples and Future Prospects [abstract] [recording]
Juan Borrero, Kiepenheur Inst., Son., Freiburg (9/18/13) Is the magnetic field in the internetwork horizontal or isotropic? [abstract] [recording]
Joseph Huba, NRL (9/11/13) Modeling the Plasmasphere with SAMI3 [abstract] [recording]
Mark Cheung, LMSAL (9/4/13) Data-driven modeling of Magnetic Field Evolution in the Solar Corona [abstract]
Shibu Matthew, Udaipur Solar Observatory (8/28/13) Solar imaging using Fabry-Perot etalons [abstract]
Bernadett Belucz, Eotvos University, Hungary(8/21/13) Investigation of the North-South Asymmetry with a Flux-Transport Dynamo [abstract]
Feng Tian, Tsinghua University, China (8/14/13) Habitability of Exoplanets and Potential Biosignatures on Exoplanets [abstract]
Eric Sutton, AFRL (8/8/13) The Role of Helium in the Thermosphere During Recent Solar Minima [abstract]
Mary Hudson, Dartmouth College (8/7/13) Modeling the radiation belt electron response to CME-driven storms: the first 9 months of the Van Allen Probes [abstract] [recording]
Charlie Lindsey, NwRA (7/31/13) The Relationship Between Helioseismic Emission and the Structure of Granulation [abstract] [recording]
Shinsuke Takasao, Kyoto University (7/24/13) A Unified Scenario of Solar Chromospheric Jets Abstract [abstract] [recording]
Boon Chye Low, NCAR/HAO (7/16/13) The hydromagnetic nature of the Sun's magnetic fields [abstract]
Wageesh Mishra, Udaipur Solar Observatory (7/11/13) Estimating arrival time of Earth-directed CMEs at in-situ spacecraft using COR & HI observations from STEREO [abstract] [recording]
Susan Nossal, University of Wisconsin (7/8/13) Hydrogen Response to Solar Cyclic Variability and Greenhouse Gases [abstract] [recording]
Tim Howard, SwRI (7/3/13) Heliospheric Images: The Status Quo and the Future [abstract]
Pere L. Palle,
IAC, Tenerife (6/12/13)
Secular measurements of the solar gravitational redshift (1976–2011) [abstract] [recording]
Jan Stenflo,
ETH Zurich, Switzerland (6/5/13)
Horizontal or vertical magnetic fields on the quiet Sun [abstract]
Dan Marsh, NCAR/ACD (5/29/13) Projections of the response of the mesosphere and lower thermosphere to anthropogenic climate change [abstract]
Kyle Augustson,
Univ. Colorado/JILA (5/15/13)
A Solar-Stellar Connection: Dynamo Action and Differential Rotation in F-type Stars [abstract]
Jamie Lomax, Univ. Denver (5/8/13) The Multiwavelength View of Mass Loss and Transfer in Massive Binary Stars [abstract]
Yang Liu, Stanford Univ. (5/1/13) Magnetic Helicity in Emerging Solar Active Regions [abstract]
Markus Roth, Kiepenheuer Inst f Sonnenphysik (4/24/13) Helioseismology of the solar meridional flow [abstract]
Guoying Jiang, Chinese Academy of Sciences (4/17/13) 13.5-day and 9-day responses of the lower thermosphere to recurrent geomagnetic activities [abstract]
Valentin Martinez Pillet, IAC, Tenerife (4/11/13) Sunspot and Active Region Filaments: what do they have in common? [abstract]
Ed Cliver, AFRL/NSO (4/10/13) The 1859 Space Weather Event Revisited: Limits of Extreme Activity [abstract]
Zhipen Ren, Chinese Academy of Sciences (4/3/13) Couplings between DE3 tide and longitudinal WN4 structure in the termosphere and ionosphere [abstract]
Mark Miesch, HAO (3/20/13) Dynamic Origins of Solar Magnetism [abstract]
Toby Wood, UCSC (3/13/13) Numerical simulations of the solar tachocline [abstract]
Nicholas Nelson, CU/JILA (3/6/13) Buoyant Loops and Activity Cycles in a Convective Dynamo Simulation [abstract]
Jeff Linsky, Univ. Colorado (2/27/13) Connecting solar and stellar chromospheres, the interstellar medium, exoplanet atmospheres, and habitability [abstract]
Joe Giacalone, Univ. Arizona (2/20/13) The Outer Heliosphere According to Voyager and IBEX [abstract]
Ellen Cousins, HAO (2/13/13) Characteristics of variability in high-latitude ionospheric plasma drifts [abstract]
Kathrin Haeusler, HAO (2/6/13) The geospace response to nonmigrating tides [abstract]
Fran Bagenal CU/LASP, (1/30/13) Is Jupiter a colossal comet? Will Juno decide? [abstract] [webcast 1st 30 mins only]
Dick Mewaldt Cal Tech, (1/23/13) New Views of Solar Energetic Particle Events from STEREO and L1 [abstract]
Xinlin Li, CU/LASP, (1/16/13) Colorado Student Space Weather Experiment (CSSWE) CubeSat Mission: A Success in Education, Engineering, and Science [abstract]
Bala Poduval, SWRI, (1/9/13) Point Spread Functions for the EUV channels of SDO/AIA Telescopes [abstract]


Liang Zhao, HAO/Univ. Michigan, (12/19/12) Implications of proton flux extremes for solar wind acceleration in cycle minima [abstract]
Alexander Fournier, IPGP, (12/10/12) Data assimilation in models of the geodynamo [abstract]
Roger Varney, HAO, (11/28/12)
Dynamics of Photoelectrons in the Daylit Polar Cap Ionosphere and Their Relationship to Ion Upflow and Outflow [abstract]
Stephen Bougher, Univ. Michigan, (11/14/12) The 2013 Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution (MAVEN) Mission: Status and Science Preparations [abstract]
Don Schmit, HAO/CU, (11/7/12) Diagnosing the Prominence-Cavity Connection [abstract]
Larisza Krista, NOAA/SWPC, (10/31/12) Study of the recurring dimming region detected at AR 11305 using the Coronal Dimming Tracker (CoDiT) [abstract]
Alan Plumb, MIT, (10/24/12) Stratospheric warmings and their remote effects throughout the atmosphere [abstract]
Yuhong Fan, HAO, (10/17/12) MHD Simulations of the Eruption of Coronal Flux Ropes [abstract]
Gary Glatzmaier, UC Santa Cruz, (10/10/12) Computer simulations of convective dynamos in giant planets [abstract]
Delores Knipp, HAO, (10/3/12) Thermospheric Upheavals Driven by Pressure Pulses Ahead of Interplanetary Disturbances [abstract]
Leif Svalgaard, Stanford University, (9/19/12) How well do we know the sunspot number? [And what we are doing to answer that question] [abstract]
Sabrina Savage, NASA / MSFC, (9/12/12) A history of supra-arcade downflows and their connection to reconnection [abstract]
Nobumitsu Yokoi, Univ. of Tokyo, (9/5/12) Cross helicity and related dynamo [abstract]
Douglas Gough, Univ. of Cambridge, (8/29/12) Stoked nondynamos [abstract]
Juan Fontenla, LASP/NWRA, CU (8/22/12) Solar Spectral Irradiance (SSI) changes, atmospheric effects? [abstract]
Hideyuki Hotta, University of Tokyo (8/8/12) Studies of the solar convection zone using Reduced Speed of Sound Technique and Adaptive Mesh Refinement [abstract]
Fang Fang, HAO (7/25/12) Magnetic Flux Emergence from the Convection Zone into the Corona [abstract]
Piyali Chaterjee, HAO (7/18/12) Magnetic Buoyancy Instability: The formation of twisted flux tubes and chiral symmetry breaking [abstract]
Bill Lotko, Affiliate Scientist, (Dartmouth) (7/11/12) Magnetic Reconnection and Convection in Geospace How the Ionosphere Controls Their Distributions [abstract]
Bidya Binay Karak, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore (6/27/12) The grand minima and the predictability of the solar cycle [abstract]
Mei Zhang, National Astronomical Observatory, Chinese Academy of Sciences (6/20/12) Consequences of Magnetic Helicity Accumulation in the Corona [abstract]
BC Low, HAO (6/13/12) The restless interior of quiescent prominences [abstract]
Yosuke Yamazaki, Kyushu University (6/6/12) Effects of stratospheric sudden warming on the ionospheric current system [abstract]
Michael Gruberbauer, St. Mary's University, Halifax (5/30/12) Monty Hall and the Search for a Solar Model [abstract]
Enrico Landi, University of Michigan (5/24/12) Diagnostics of the solar wind using in-situ and spectroscopic observations [abstract]
Bill Livingston, NSO (5/16/12) My love affair with Fe 1564.8 nm [abstract]
Hardi Peter, Max-Planck-Institute (5/15/12) Comparing 3D MHD Coronal Models to Observations [abstract]
Peter Young, George Mason Univ/NRL (5/9/12) Flare spectroscopy with the Hinode/EIS instrument [abstract]
Jeffrey Love, USGS (5/2/12) Geomagnetic detection of the sectorial solar magnetic field and the historical peculiarity of minimum 23–24 [abstract]
Scott McIntosh, HAO (4/25/12) ChroMag Science: Looking Forward to Sunrise II [abstract]
Rafael Garcia, CEA Saclay (4/18/12) From the core of the Sun to the stars with SoHO, CoRoT and Kepler: An amazing journey of 16 years [abstract]
Jan Stenflo, Institute of Astronomy, Zurich (4/4/12) Bipolar magnetic regions on the Sun [abstract]
Hanli Liu, HAO/NCAR (3/28/12) Atmospheric waves and upper atmosphere variability [abstract]
Sarah Gibson, HAO/NCAR (3/21/12) Magnetism and the Invisible Man: The Mysteries of Coronal Cavities [abstract]
Shravan Hanasoge, Princeton Univ/MPS (3/14/12) The Rapidly Rotating Solar Convection Zone [abstract]
Antoine Strugarek, CEA/Saclay (3/7/12) Magnetic confinement of the solar tachocline : impact of the magnetic topology in 3D MHD global simulations. [abstract]
Jonathan Cirtain, NASA/MSFC (4/29/12) The Solar Instrumentation and Technology Development Programs at Marshall Space Flight Center and What can we learn about the solar dynamo from polar coronal bright points? [abstract]
Nick Pedatella, HAO/NCAR (4/27/12) The atmospheric lunar tide simulated by the Whole Atmosphere Community Climate Model (WACCM) [abstract]
Vlacheslav Merkin, Johns Hopkins University (4/15/12) Mesoscale structure of the heliospheric current sheet: Initial results of MHD modeling [abstract]
Seth Claudepierre, The Aerospace Corp., LA (4/8/12) Global MHD Simulations of Magnetospheric Field Line Resonances and Waveguide Modes [abstract]
Qian Wu, HAO/NCAR (2/1/12) HIWIND Daytime Thermospheric Wind Observation [abstract]
Marek Steslicki Univ. of Wroclav, Poland (1/11/12) Pulsating stars in the region of Carina Nebula [abstract]
Amitava Bhattacharjee, Univ. of New Hampshire (1/18/12) Onset of Fast Reconnection in High-Lundquist-Number Plasmas Mediated by the Plasmoid Instability [abstract]
Gustavo Guerrero, Stanford University (1/25/12) Dynamo action and magnetic buoyancy in convection simulations with vertical shear [abstract]


Cary Forest, Wisconsin (12/14/11) Magnetic Dynamos in the Lab: Progressing from Liquid Metal to Plasmas [abstract]
Marty Snow, LASP, CU (11/30/11) Magnesium II Index: The Long and Short of It [abstract]
Judy Karpen, NASA GSFC (11/16/11) Reconnection and Eruption in the Breakout Model for Fast Coronal Mass Ejections and Eruptive Flares [abstract]
Gulnur Dogan, HAO/NCAR (11/9/11) Asteroseismic analysis of Sun-like stars using Kepler data [abstract]
BC Low, HAO/NCAR (11/2/11) Solar Quiescent Prominences [abstract]
John Emmert, NRL (10/19/11) Whither the thermosphere? The evolving climate of the near-Earth space environment [abstract]
Brian Wood, NRL (10/12/11) Three-Dimensional Reconstructions of CMEs and CIRs from STEREO [abstract]
Ingrid Cnossen, HAO (10/5/11) The effects of changes in the Earth's magnetic field on the coupled magnetosphere-ionosphere-thermosphere system [abstract]
Brian Welsch, SSL/Berkeley (9/28/11) More Than You Want to Know About Estimating Photospheric Electric Fields [abstract]
Matthew (Geoff) Mcharg, USAF Academy (9/21/11) Peregrine: A deployable solar imaging CubeSat mission [abstract]
Jeffrey Linsky, JILA/Univ. of Colorado (9/14/11) What very deep UV Spectra are telling us about Pre-main Sequence Stars and Solar Mass Stars of Different Ages [abstract]
Youhei Masada, Kobe University, Japan (9/7/11) A Possible Role of MRI-driven MHD Turbulence in the Solar Interior [abstract]
Dr. Lidong Xia, Shandong University, Weihai (8/31/11) Streamer Waves and Associated Coronal Seismological Study [abstract]
Craig DeForest, SwRI (8/25/11) Imaging the Solar Wind with Stereo/HI-2 [abstract]
Larisza Krista, HAO/NOAA (8/24/11) The Evolution and Space Weather Effects of Solar Coronal Holes [abstract]
Javier Trujillo Bueno, Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias
Tenerife, Spain (8/17/11)
Modeling Scattering Polarization for Probing the Magnetism of the Solar Atmosphere [abstract]
Joergen Christensen-Dalsgaard, University of Aarhus, Denmark (8/12/11) News from Kepler [abstract]
Binzheng Zhang, Dartmouth College (8/10/11) Effects of Soft Electron Precipitation on the Coupled Magnetosphere-Ionosphere-Thermosphere [abstract]
Bruce Lites, HAO/NCAR (8/3/11) Hinode Observations Suggesting the Presence of a Local Small-Scale Turbulent Dynamo [abstract]
Urszula Bak-Steslicka, Astronomical Institute, University of Wroclaw, Poland (7/27/11) Coronal mass ejections associated with slow LDE flares [abstract]
P.K. Yeung, Georgia Tech (7/7/11) Petascale Computing and the Study of Turbulent Mixing and Dispersion [abstract]
Alberto Sainz Dalda, Lockheed Martin/Stanford University (6/22/11) Spectropolarimetric study of the sea-serpent penumbral filaments and a naked sunspot (is it really naked?) [abstract]
Delores Knipp, HAO (6/8/11) Where It's Hot and Where It's Not: Control of Upper Atmosphere Poynting Flux by the Solar Wind and Magnetosphere [abstract]
Paul Cally, Monash University (6/2/11) Making Waves [abstract]
Travis Metcalfe, HAO/CISL (6/1/11) First Results from the TeraGrid Asteroseismic Modeling Portal [abstract]
Kathy Reeves, Harvard-Smithsonian CfA (5/25/11) Current sheet energetics, flare emissions, and energy partition in a simulated solar eruption [abstract]
David Hathaway, NASA Marshall Space Flight Center (5/19/11) The Characteristic Depth of Supergranulation and the Meridional Return Flow [abstract]
Lucia Kleint, HAO/NCAR (5/18/11) Solar spectropolarimetry—From turbulent magnetic fields to sunspots [abstract]
Justin Edmondson, NASA JPL (5/11/11) Dynamic Current Sheet Formation and Dissipation with Application to Inter-(Super)granular Flow Lanes and Quasi-Homologous Jet Activity [abstract]
Liang Zhao, HAO/NCAR (5/4/11) Understanding the behavior of the Heliospheric magnetic field and the solar wind during the unusual solar minimum between Cycles 23 and 24 [abstract]
Allen Boozer, Columbia University (4/27/11) Constraints on magnetic reconnection and the solar corona from fundamental electrodynamics [abstract]
Peter Williams, NASA Goddard (4/20/11) Analysis of supergranulation characteristics using SDO/HMI and SOHO/MDI dopplergrams [abstract]
Wes Lockwood, Lowell Observatory (4/13/11) Solar variability after dark: Evidence and some dead ends from stars and planets [abstract]
Steven Bougher, Andrew F. Nagy Collegiate Research Professor, University of Michigan (4/6/11) Solar Cycle & Seasonal Variability of the Mars Thermosphere- Ionosphere and Potential Impacts of Gravity Wave Momentum Deposition [abstract]
Lynn Harvey, LASP (3/30/11) Mesospheric Transport in WACCM [abstract]
Jerry Harder, LASP (3/16/11) Measured and modeled trends in solar spectral irradiance variability and application to earth atmospheric studies [abstract]
Leon Ofman, CUA/NASA GSFC (3/9/11) Modeling the acceleration and heating of the solar wind [abstract]
Hiroko Miyahara, Institute for Cosmic Ray Research, U. of Tokyo (2/23/11) Variations of solar activity and cosmic rays at the Maunder Minimum [abstract]
Phil Judge, HAO/NCAR (2/16/11) This is the dawning of the age of the chromosphere [abstract]
Arakel Petrosyan, Space Res. Inst./Russian Academy of Sciences/Moscow Institute of Physics & Technology (2/9/11) Large eddy simulations of compressible MHD turbulence [abstract]
Shaela Jones, University Maryland/NASA Goddard (2/2/11) Rigid Rotation: Coronal Conundrum or Observation Effect? [abstract]
Troy Carter, UCLA (1/26/11) Laboratory studies of waves, instabilities, transport and reconnection using the Basic Plasma Science Facility at UCLA [abstract]
Zbigniew Piotrowskim, NCAR/GTP (1/19/11) Under-resolved simulations of Rayleigh-Benard convection; effects of anisotropic viscosity and Prandtl number [abstract]
Mausumi Dikapati, HAO (1/12/11) The solar dynamo: Recent progress and unsolved problems [abstract]

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