The Sun: A Pictorial Introduction

Introduction: Some Basic Solar Facts and Terminology
Conclusion: Solar-Terrestrial Interactions


The Slide Set:

Written By P. Charbonneau and O.R. White - April 18, 1995
  1. The solar disk in white light
  2. The solar disk in broadband Ca K
  3. Sunspot and granulation
  4. Solar magnetogram
  5. Magnetogram of active region and sunspot pairs
  6. The Sun in H alpha
  7. The Grand Daddy prominence
  8. H alpha filaments and magnetogram
  9. Total solar eclipse of 1980
  10. Total solar eclipse of 1988
  1. The Sun in X-rays
  2. The solar corona in white light and X-rays
  3. A coronal mass ejection
  4. Two more coronal mass ejections
  5. Solar activity in X-rays
  6. Magnetic flux emergence
  7. The sunspot cycle
  8. The butterfly diagram
  9. Hale's sunspot polarity law
  10. The Corona through the solar cycle
  11. Further Readings
  12. Credits

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