Solar Astronomy in the Prehistoric Southwest

A slide set by P. Charbonneau, O.R. White, and T.J. Bogdan

Table of Contents:

List: Astronomical Terms
The Sun: A Pictorial Introduction
Slide 1: The Anasazi World
Slide 2: Chaco Canyon
Slide 3: The Seasons
Slide 4: Horizon Calendars
Slide 5: Hovenweep Castle
Slide 6: Pueblo Bonito
Slide 7: Solstice Window
Slide 8: Casa Rinconada
Slide 9: Yellow Jacket
Slide 10: Hopi Tawa Katsina
Slide 11: Solar Symbol Petroglyph
Slide 12: Solstice Marker
Slide 13: Fajada Butte
Slide 14: The 3-Slab Site
Slide 15: The Sun Dagger
Slide 16: Solar Eclipse Petroglyph
Slide 17: The Sun Temple
Slide 18: Cliff Palace
Slide 19: Lunar Astronomy
Slide 20: Supernova Pictograph
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