Windows Trouble Shooting

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * make sure you have Perl installed * make sure you have SSWIDL installed * make sure you have all the necessary packages: IDL > ssw_upgrade,/spawn,/chianti,/xrt,/eit,/trace,/secchi,/aia,/pfss,/swap,/lasco,/forward,/loud,/passive_ftp You can also try these in addition if you are having problems (maybe one at a time): IDL > ssw_upgrade,/spawn,/binaries,/ontology,/nrl,/mjastereo,/sbrowser,/s3drs,/cds,/mdi,/loud,/passive_ftp * make sure you have dealt with the transfer of STEREO SPICE files to SunSPICE. * make sure you have linked them with SSW_INSTR in your Startup file (for example at ssw/site/setup/sswidl.bat): set SSW_INSTR=chianti xrt eit trace secchi aia pfss swap lasco forward (add the other "You can also try these" if you are trouble-shooting with them) * make sure you have set up a working directory: in e.g. c:\ssw_idl\ssw\site\setup\setup.ssw_paths (or whereever this file sits on your system): setenv FORWARD_WORKING_DIR [whereever you want to put it]\FORWARD_WORKING_DIR\ * IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A SETUP.SSW_PATHS - you can download it here * Also in the idlde preferences, Window/Preferences/IDL/Paths you may need to add FORWARD_WORKING_DIR with the path appropriate to your computer. * Even with these steps, we have found that some have had trouble getting their working directory set up properly in Windows, which leads to other issues. If using IDLDE you may find it necessary to manually change directory to your working directory from the IDLDE interface. You might also try changing directory to the working directory and launching IDL from there. * (And so this issue has come up more than once): The "cd" command changes the directory, but not what drive you are working with. So when you go "cd d:\temp", you are changing the D drive's directory to temp, but staying in the C drive. To change to a file in drive D, execute these two commands: D: cd temp * make sure you have Fortran compiler installed. GFORTRAN is recommended. * If using g77, then edit the makefile in $SSW/packages\forward\idl\FORCOMP by changing all the "gfortran" into "g77" (should be two places, after FC and after LINK) (N.B.: this and the next three steps must be redone if forcomp.f or any other *.f codes change in the FORCOMP directory - they probably will not, though) * you may need to add these lines to your SSWIDL.BAT file (for example, if you have G77): SET OLDPATH=%PATH% PATH=d:\g77\bin;%PATH% SET LIBRARY_PATH=d:\g77\lib * If using g77, from a DOS cmd window in directory $SSW\packages\forward\idl\FORCOMP run "D:\G77\g77setup" (or with path approprate to whereever it sits). * if using g77, immediately after running "g77setup", still in directory $SSW/packages/forward/idl/FORCOMP in a cmd window, compile the "forcomp" FORTRAN routine with "make forcomp" command. (N.B.: this step must be redone if forcomp.f or any other *.f codes change in the FORCOMP directory) * copy the executable forcomp.exe to your FORWARD_WORKING_DIR (N.B.: this step must be redone if forcomp.f or any other *.f codes change in the FORCOMP directory) * Some additional software may be needed for WINDOWS, such as command line unzip. This affects ability to interface with the PSIMAS cubes. * We have found that with WINDOWS you may need to copy files "cfitsio.dll" and "cfitsio.lib" into directory "ssw/vobs/ontology/binaries/Win32_86_64" if they are not already there -- you copy them from the directory "ssw/vobs/ontology/binaries/Win32_86". Unforunately, if you do this and later upgrade SSW you may have to do this copying again. We hope that SolarSoft central will fix this problem in future so it becomes unnecessary. Good luck. -------------------------------------------