Packages called and tests

Here are the packages that need to be linked. Also provided are tests that can be run independent of FORWARD to see if the crucial programs are found Packages (and which FORWARD codes call them): CHIANTI (required by FOR_LINESEARCH, FOR_GOFNT) AIA (required by FOR_PLOT, FOR_PLOTFITS, FOR_CALC_AIA_RESPONSE_GRID) EIT (required by FOR_PLOTFITS, FOR_CALC_EIT_RESPONSE_GRID) SECCHI (required by FOR_PLOTFITS, FOR_CALC_EUVI_RESPONSE_GRID, FOR_VIEWFROMDATA) SWAP (required by FOR_CALC_SWAP_RESPONSE_GRID, FOR_DIRECTDOWNLOAD) TRACE (required by FOR_CALC_TRACE_RESPONSE_GRID) XRT (required by FOR_CALC_XRT_RESPONSE_GRID) PFSS (required by PFSSMOD codes) LASCO (required by FOR_INTENSINT) ONTOLOGY (required by FOR_PLOTFITS - note if SSW_INSTR AIA is set this is automatically linked) NRL (called by some SECCHI/LASCO called - if either is set as SSW_INSTR will be automatically linked) MJASTEREO, SBROWSER, S3DRS - these are usually automatically linked through SECCHI if set as SSW_INSTR; if linked into SSW_PATH of FORWARD, however, may need to explicitly added so SECCHI routines don't break ; ; should not be necessary to include EIS and CDS and IRIS as they only enter through their ; line widths in generic CHIANTI calls ; ;*******
TESTS (can be run in SSWIDL session, even when FORWARD not started):
IDL> aia_lct,wave=193 ;(this should set AIA color table, you should not get an error.) IDL> test=get_stereo_lonlat('2010-01-01','A') IDL> help,test ;(this should return spacecraft position) IDL> use_network ;(this should not give an error - if it does, try ssw_upgrade,/spawn,/loud,/passive_ftp IDL> test=vso_search('2012-01-01T00:00:00','2012-01-01T00:10:00',instr='aia') ;(this should not give an error but acts to query the VSO for data and return information) IDL> filelocatenew=vso_get(test[0],filenames=filenames,/rice) IDL> help,filenames ;(this should download a file with the name of the file now in filenames) IDL> read_sdo,filenames,header,image,/noshell IDL> help,header,image ;--you should get something like: ;HEADER STRUCT = -> Array[1] ;IMAGE INT = Array[4096, 4096] IDL>help,!xuvtop ;--you should see a filename in the chianti package ;******* IF THESE DO NOT WORK (or you have having other problems) - you may need to add packages. These are the basic ones: IDL> ssw_upgrade,/spawn,/chianti,/xrt,/eit,/trace,/secchi,/aia,/pfss,/swap,/lasco,/loud,/passive_ftp The necessity of these next ones have not been confirmed, but you could try them to see if they help (maybe add them one by one, and be sure to add them also to SSW_INSTR below): IDL> ssw_upgrade,/spawn,/binaries,/ontology,/nrl,/mjastereo,/sbrowser,/s3drs,/cds,/mdi,/ssc,/loud,/passive_ftp See Solar soft tree upgrade instructions. ;******* NOTE: especially if you are running windows, you may need to first install Perl Also be sure packages are included in your solarsoft preferences if you have set them (e.g., in your .cshrc): setenv SSW_INSTR "forward chianti xrt eit trace secchi aia pfss swap lasco" FOR WINDOWS you may need to add this to your Startup file (for example at ssw/site/setup/sswidl.bat): set SSW_INSTR=forward chianti xrt eit trace secchi aia pfss swap lasco NOTE: some people have run into code conflict for "fits_info" which is in SolarSoft and also other astronomy libraries, which, depending on their versions, may be inconsistent. One way to resolve is to unlink astronomy libraries, or to delete old (non solarsoft) version.