Eddy Cross-Disciplinary Symposium on Sun-Climate Research

October 22-24, 2010 Aspen, Colorado

Program & Presentations

Jack Eddy

The community was invited to present posters & participate in open discussions

(link) —Detailed program including abstracts

(link) —Jack Eddy legacy document

Friday 10/22
3–5 pm Hike
6–8 pm Welcoming Reception
Saturday 10/23
8:30 am Opening Remarks: “What is past is prologue”,
Philip Judge & Barbara Eddy
Session I The Sun and Climate: A cross-disciplinary problem of global importance
8:45 am Opening keynote address—Eugene Parker,
U. Chicago (Emeritus)
9:30 am Lessons from history—David DeVorkin, National Air & Space Museum
Session II Solar Variability: “A Comedy of Errors”, or “All's Well that Ends Well”?
11:00 am Solar variability—Peter Foukal, Heliophysics Inc.
11:25 am The Sun, our star—Wes Lockwood, Lowell Observatory (given by Rich Radick, USAF)
Session III Sun-Climate Data Relationships:
“Modest doubt is called the beacon of the wise”
11:50 am Historical records and the Maunder Minimum
K.K. Tung, U. Washington (given by Caspar Ammann, NCAR)
1:30 Paleo-climate—Caspar Ammann, NCAR
Session IV Sun-Climate Causal Relationships:
“Nothing can come of nothing”
2:15 pm Radiative links: Irradiance—Tom Wigley, NCAR
3:00 pm Radiative links: Spectral—Joanna Haigh, Imperial College, London
3:30 pm Non-radiative links: Clouds, cosmic rays, solar plasma —Jan Kazil, NOAA
Session V Personal Recollections of Jack Eddy:
“How far that little candle throws its beams! So shines a good deed in a naughty world.”
4:30 pm Eddy family members, friends, colleagues...
After dinner speaker—Spencer Weart
Sunday 10/24
Session VI Public Understanding of Climate Science and Policy:
“There are lies, damned lies, and statistics”
9:00 am Global warming/climategate—Gerald North, Texas A&M
9:45 am From science journals to the public—Curtis Brainard, Columbia Journalism Review
11:15 am Climate and Policy—Ana Unruh-Cohen, House Select Committee on Energy Independence & Global Warming
12:00 pm Open Discussion:
Strategies and tactics in public communication
Session VII Sun-Climate Relationships: "The next generation"
1:30 pm Panel Session: Students’ and participants’ questions
3:00 pm Jack’s Legacy—Dick Fisher, NASA HQ


  • The solar corona during extended sunspot minima: Eclipse images from 1901 and 2009, by P. G. Judge, D. Kolinski, A. Lecinski, M. Druckmüller—(Read More »).
  • Calibration of sunspot numbers, by Leif Svalgaard—(Read More »).
  • Does the Sun Vary Enough?, by Leif Svalgaard—(Read More »).
  • Solar irradiance and semi-empirical, Physics based modeling, James P. Mason, Juan M. Fontenla—(Read More »).